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3 min readMay 24


Greetings everyone,

We would like to express our gratitude for your patience throughout the past few weeks as we diligently conducted our internal testing rounds. Today, we are thrilled to provide you with important updates regarding our progress and invite you to actively participate in our upcoming public Alpha Testing Phase!

We successfully completed our internal testing rounds, resolving any bugs or issues we encountered along the way, by the end of last week (May 19, 2023). The outcomes have been incredibly promising, filling us with enthusiasm as we eagerly await the opportunity to engage with all of you in the Alpha Testing process.

Now, we extend an invitation to anyone interested in becoming an Alpha tester for our platform. While we won’t be launching on the Mainnet just yet, we will instead launch on the Polygon Testnet. This decision has been made to ensure that participants can engage in testing without the need to utilize real cryptocurrency for agreements and gas costs.

During this phase, we will be deploying “Mock USDC” ($MUSD), (which we will airdrop into your wallet once you’ve signed up) for creating and funding New Agreements and leveraging Polygon Mumbai, so you can claim MATIC on this faucet for the associated gas fees required for creating contracts on-chain. Rest assured, this choice enables seamless testing while maintaining a secure environment for all participants.

Once the testnet phase concludes, we will be ready to launch our highly anticipated “Official Public Beta” on Polygon’s PoS mainnet. At that point, all users will have the opportunity to create deals using real USDC and wETH, bringing the full potential of our platform to life.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation for the tremendous support and interest you have shown us thus far. Your contributions have played an integral role in shaping the development of our platform, and we are grateful for your continued involvement.

If you are eager to be a part of our Alpha testing phase, please follow the simple steps below:

  1. Join our Discord Server
  2. Get into the “Alpha Testing Signups” channel
  3. Click “submit” on the signup-verification bot and enter your Polygon wallet address.
  4. Once your wallet address is submitted, we will send you the Mock USDC needed for testing purposes

Alternatively, if you do not want to sign up for testing via Discord, you can simply fill out this form to be added to the testing group.

Once interested participants have provided their information in the dedicated “Alpha Testing Signups” channel or by completing the form, we will provide you with comprehensive instructions and additional information to get you started!

We sincerely look forward to embarking on this next phase with you and witnessing the collective impact of our efforts. Together, we will shape a platform that revolutionizes the way business agreements are created and fulfilled. Thank you once again for your unwavering support!

Best regards,





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