Selfient Founder’s Update

3 min readAug 1


Near term Critical Path to Launch of Selfient

Hey everyone!

We are so excited to be this close to the live launch of the Selfient Freelancer No-Code Smart Contract Wizard and Crypto Payment Protocol.

Thanks to your valuable contributions, we have successfully completed the Alpha Testing phase and made a myriad of adjustments to the protocol based on the insightful findings obtained during this testing round. Your input has been instrumental in shaping the improvements we’ve implemented.

Next, we will move into the contract auditing phase to ensure that our community will be safe while using the Selfient Platform. This process will take a couple of weeks to thoroughly assess and address any potential issues or concerns with our code. Safety remains at the forefront of our focus.

While that is going on, we are commencing the design and development of a new landing page website to support the Selfient launch. Many kudos to the Selfient internal team for creating the current landing page, but it’s time to enhance it with a fresh and polished look before the Mainnet launch.

Our Community activity is going great with so many of you joining our Discord Channel and participating in our Zealy Quest program. Those efforts will continue through the launch as we build out the Selfient Community.

Our goal is to have the Selfient Protocol launched on the Polygon Mainnet by September 1st, or thereabouts. It is more important for us to get this right than to rush it out the door, so, thanks for your patience.

Then, on or around September 1st, we go live with Selfient 1.0, our first active release in Web3. First of many.

Major Shout Outs to our hundreds of Community Members who are assisting with the launch, either by performing Testing or by participating in the numerous Quests we are running. You are the reason for the growth of the Community and you have given us purpose, and reason to continue, even through the toughest of moments.

You truly are the BEST!

If you are interested and have not yet joined the Selfient Community, you may do so though our Discord Channel:

Here is a brief recap of updates:

  • We made adjustments to the protocol and platform based on the recommendations from our testing community of users
  • To ensure user safety, our contracts will undergo thorough auditing
  • We are in the process of re-designing our landing page website ahead of the Mainnet launch
  • The Mainnet launch will take place on or around the targeted date of September 1st

If you wish to learn more about Selfinet, please view our previous articles:

It’s an exciting time in Web3, and we are so pumped to be on the cutting edge of the Web3 Revolution!

Stay tuned for more upcoming updates.

Thanks all.

David Pollard




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